BeadCreator Pro 6

When we first developed BeadCreator, we took the advice of beaders who were looking for a way to visualize their patterns before they began to bead them. They also wanted to know that if they invested money into our software, that we would still be around for a few years to support it. That was 14 years ago, and we are still here, still developing and supporting our software, BeadCreator.

Included with the Pro Edition is file protection, enabling you to prevent the printing of your patterns when selling them; assembling previously created patterns in BeadCreator to create pattern books of 10 or more patterns; advanced color editing functions; etc. 

- Loom, Brick, 1-9 Drop Peyote, Sacred Gourd, Herringbone, RAW stitches
- Mix and match stitches to create fringe
- New masks and color shapes combine with all pattern formats
- New color editing features using the right pane
- Expanded color correction
- Intelligent Color Reduction
- Delete individual beads by color
- Show color variants as options
- Password file protection
- Expanded Dewey Decimal specifications
- Support for third-party plug-ins
- Export pattern data to XML, an open-source format
- Import/export JPG, TIF, GIF and PNG formats
- Online video training included Standard features include:
- Convert image to a pattern
- Create designs from scratch
- Full suite of design editing tools design
- Choose from multiple bead sizes
- Create custom color palettes, fully accessible
- Full bead inventory management
- Copy protect your patterns, limit print ability
- Preview original and pattern simultaneously
- Desktop publishing tools included
- Create single pattern books for resale
- Choose from custom cover designs for pattern books
- Shopping cart links built in to books for extra sales
- Customize fonts, sizes, columns
- Creates custom pattern websites
- Watermark images, protect your hard work
- Upgradable to 3,500 image artwork database included
- Export to native PDF
- No third-party app needed
- Free updates to software in same version number (i.e. 4.1 to 4.2)
- Reasonable upgrade path for version number changes (i.e. 4.1 to 5.0)
- Free web support, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - And much, much more!

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