BeadCreator replaces graphed beading patterns with a digital editing suite. It's used worldwide, and known for it's ease of use and fast, friendly technical help. Rather than hear it from us, let some of our users tell you.

Kelly Chyrklund

It doesn't matter where you are in your bead creating journey. This bead software program is easy enough to guide you through the beginning. Flexible enough to grow with you as an artist. And so advanced, that the only limitation IS your imagination.

Tina Bird

I've used BeadCreator to convert some of my favorite photos -- most recently of my cat, who died from heart disease a couple of months ago. She was only 4 years old. So this is a seriously emotionally loaded project. BeadCreator beading software handles even the most difficult pictures, the ones that have little contrast or misleading details. BCP and my loom have given me a way to have my beloved cat in my arms again, at least figuratively, while I'm weaving.

Lesha Baker McPhearson / Beadholden Designs

I have created and sold my original Beadholden Designs, using BeadCreator, since 1996. Use the video tutorials to learn the program and start designing your own patterns. You'll be glad you did!

Roseanne Rosenblum

One of the best beadwork software products on the market. I have used others but I find this one has it all.

Awesome Program - Debbie in NM

I have been using BeadCreator for a few years now. I am able to make patterns from graphics and pictures and of course my brain. I love this program. It is easy to use and print out. I can sit & make a pattern and a few minutes later I'm able to bead it up. The customer service is the best that I have every had. They respond right away and make it right. I really highly recommend this program to anyone that beads or uses a free beading inventory software. 

Taking Beading to a New Level - Dennis in FL

I am a Native American, proud of my Lakota heritage, our relatives as many know are great bead workers having to bead using beads and awl and sinew, no needles, The patterns that were envisioned were works of art. Like all the tribes, our people were and still are great crafts people. I still bead the traditional way, lazy stitch. But then along came this great program from Andrew, I now could design the entire project and see how it would turn out without trial and error it gives you that 3 dimensional space to see how will this look after I have spent so much time beading,Now I know how it will turn out, without spending hours using graph paper, And I have tried all the other bead programs out there. This by far is the best for my work, I am a Traditional Dancer and make all my own regalia, So it really helps me to design and complete.

My congrats to all of the team for a great product, and great technical support.

Gets my creative ideas into bead patterns - Verna

This software is very easy to use. I've used it to create beaded patterns from my own photography. The results were excellent. It even lets you use more or fewer colors of beads and adjusts the pattern accordingly. You can see the result and decide if you want more color definition. I have also used it to create patterns for color knitting. It would work for cross stitch and crochet patterns, too.

Great program - Judith

I've been using BeadCreator for more than 5 years. I purchased the program when I decided that I wanted to do more than simple geometric designs on graph paper. I generally weave on a loom creating gorgeous pieces of art from pictures that I have taken. One of the really great things about BeadCreator is you can change the type of stitch you plan to use. When making bracelets, I create the design in loom but occasionally change it to peyote when I don't want to take my loom with me or I have a large, unfinished project on the loom. 

You can limit the number of colors in your project, resize, add or subtract rows and create open areas within a design. Sometimes, I create a design from a picture (say a flower), and then play with the colors until I get the effect I want. I have created split loom necklaces, bracelets, tapestries, and wall hangings with BeadCreator 6 Pro. A great program, useable out of the box, but with a lot of bells and whistles if you want them. I would recommend this to anyone planning on doing bead designing.

Easy, yet deep. Amazingly customizable - Carol

This program is easy to use for beginners, but offers incredible depth for customization. After investing very little time watching the video tutorials, you can tweak a pattern from a photo that would require thousands of colors to a useable pattern that retains definition in minutes. Since I occasionally create beaded items using a shedding device, I LOVE being able to print a word chart that alternates reading from the right and left sides. I can't imagine not having this software now that I've been spoiled by the ease of use, wonderful features, and excellent customer support.

BeadCreator is the best - Sue

My very first project was a tapestry of my very white dog. I loaded the photo into the beadcreator software and within a few hours by adjusting the number of colours and the size of the portrait I had a pattern that looked great. I have used it for other portraits as well and the software"s ability to maintain depth and realism is truly amazing. I often display that very first project along with the original picture and people are amazed. The support for the software is great and there are always other users happy to answer your questions too.

Comparative Review - Janice, Western Australia

Having, initially, tried other beading programs, I was never completely satisfied with the final results. Then I changed to BeadCreator Pro. What a difference.The colour scheme that I saw in my head, now appeared in my beading! I use only Delica beads & create pictures from photographs. The pleasure that I get from using your program is enormous.It is simple to use, allows me to be creative & see in my finished work what was previously only in my head.I am not a computer whiz, but I found this program simple & easy to use. Since using BeadCreator Pro, I have won many prizes for my work. As I am disabled, my beading is my main pastime. It keeps my mind & body occupied & alert. To be able to enjoy such an addictive hobby is thanks entirely to my BeadCreator Pro.

BeadCreator 6 Pro Is Pure Magic!!! - Zebaulla, Australia

I have been a BeadCreator user for many years, loving the joy and happiness I glean each time I desire to design something new. Not only do I use photo's of old but also finger paintings done by my children when they were small, everything comes up beautifully clear in pattern form, and when beaded, brings a whole new outlook to the art of beading. Another joy I experience when using this program, is being able to play creatively and design my own inner visions. I love the choices that come with this software, it's a beaders friendly tool, one that inspires new creations to keep on coming.

The Best Bead Pattern Software Available - Julie in TX

I've been creating bead patterns for almost 10 years now. I've tried and sampled every software that is available on the market. When BeadCreator Software came out, years ago now, I was first on board! That first version was awesome. Several versions later, the software is STILL amazing! As I create my patterns from scratch, using no photo imagery, drawing my own images is simple. Color palettes, being able to adjust the size of your bead to choosing what format to create in, I'm excited to brag about all that can be accomplished within the software. And if you're no sure what to do, THE CUSTOMER SERVICE is impressive. I've never had a email or phone call go UN-attended. I'm using the PRO version now, as I am a LIFE-TIME member and it is WELL worth the purchase. Designing bead patterns is my life and I swear by this software. You can't go wrong! I wouldn't be where I am today with Andrew, his crew and his wonderful invention of the BEAD CREATOR software line.

BeadCreator 6 Pro - Chari in Canada

I have had a BeadCreator program since BeadCreator 3 was released. I use BeadCreator 6 Pro to transform my drawings into bead patterns, no more pencil and graph paper for me! The bead patterns and resulting beadwork are at times photo-realistic. I would not be without this program. The support is always there if required.

Can't Create Without It - C. White in Las Vegas

I never thought that anything connected with a computer could actually help my bead design process. Thank goodness I was wrong! I've been beading for almost 50 years and can't imagine how I got along without BeadCreator. Not only does it make designing and choosing your palette a breeze but it does so much more!!! All you need are BC Pro, your beads & hands and you are all set to design, create, manage inventory and sell your original designs.

If you are a beader - no matter what skill level - there is only one software to choose. And believe me, I have wasted a LOT of $$$ trying the others out there. Simply no comparison.

What are you waiting for? Haven't you ordered your copy yet??? ;)

Great Software - Teresa

Beadcreator 3 was my first purchase. I loved it and decided to purchase the Lifetime membership which makes it very affordable when you all upgrades free. It's easy to use with many options available to people who bead. Worth its money in beads.

BeadCreator Pro Review - Wendy in PA

I have had Bead Creator software since Version 3. It is the greatest beading software available! You can do almost anything with it. And best of all if you encounter any problems you simply put in a ticket to Andrew & he will solve your problem. This company is so grat to work with - they even listen to their customers when we suggest things we would like added to the software. They try so hard to accommodate everyone. I wouldn't give it up for anything.

BeadCreator Review - Sara

I have used other bead programs but this is by far the best. I have been using this program for over ten year. The BeadCreator program is easy to understand and 'user' friendly. It is easy to design from a photo/picture or off the top of your head . And if perchance you need help there is a great forum as well at a great technical support staff.

Great software! - Karen

I have used this software for many years now and just love it. I use it for knitting designs as well as beadwork designs. The support system is great and upgrades are driven by user preferences.

The best software for Beaders - Nikki

This software is the easiest to use if you are designing any type of picture or portrait in beads! You can create perfect beaded gifts for wedding pictures, baby pictures, graduation pictures, or any type of photos you have.

This software makes your designing so much easier and quicker so you can spend your time creating your project. Thanks for such an awesome product!

Super Awesome - Bonnie in OH

Super awesome software and support! Upgrades are user driven and meaningful. Friendly and helpful user group (Beadcreator family). Heads above all other software of this kind.

Andrew, in the next upgrade, I'd love if you could add more hours in a day for Beadcreator play!

Bead creator designs - Kreator

I love bead creator!! So easy to use, but even better is the help from so many so quickly to anything you have a question or problem with. I have designed pieces for teaching, and the program is so clear and explicit for students go follow!

If you're into beading, you need this - Rosebud

I have used several other bead software programs and this by far is the best I have used. The gratification is instant from photo to finished bead chart.

BeadCreator 6 Pro is a GREAT Program - Jeanne

I have used the BeadCreator programs since they first came out. I use it all the time to not only create beautiful beaded pictures from photos but also I produce my own unique designs. Thoughtfish support is also exceptional...very customer oriented. I know that you will love this program when you buy it.

Fun Easy to use program - Kathy

I own BeadCreator Pro v5. It's easy to use to create your own patterns from scratch or from a photo or image. You can determine the size of your project. You can create a small design and then be repeat the design so that there are several of the same elements in your pattern. For example, if you were making a bracelet with a flower pattern, then you can replicate the pattern so instead of one flower you could have 7 flowers.

Patterns can be created for several different types of stitches from loom, peyote, brick, etc. You can limit the number of colors you use for each pattern.

Excellent product - Margaret in CA

I love this software. Not only is it easy to use but the updates are purposeful and customer driven. The designer is very available and the user groups are helpful both in using the software and in stimulating creativity. Once you own this program you can play right away!!

Great Place to Start! - Janet

You will just love this software whether you want to bead your own family photos or use the extensive Masters Artist inventory of over a thousand pre packaged artworks done by the old masters that comes with the program. There is available also a well supported problem solving support group that has graciously solved any problems I've thrown at them. I understand that this software will also work for knitters and X stitchers too. I am just finishing beading a 3x5 photo of my Grandson that will be on the cover of a one of a kind journal for my daughter. Now, how great is that! For the money, you can't go wrong. There are over a thousand BeadCreator users out there already happily beading away as we speak. Happy beading trails to you.

The only way to go from picture to bead design - Cycle Tourist in OR

I can't imagine doing a manual charted design now I have BeadCreator Pro

I have been using this software forever. We have come a long way Baby! It practically does the beading. Now there are tutorials which make using the software extremely easy. I love doing a quick sketch with watercolor or acrylic, scan it to the BeadCreator folder on my computer, pull it up and within 5 - 15 minutes depending on complexity of the design, I have a pattern and bead numbers so all I have to do is order the beads and begin.

The joy of this pattern is that it also prints out, not only color graph, but word graphs which I require for accurate use of a pattern. This feature saves me hours.

So easy! - Craftylisa

I love this software. It is user friendly and you can load it and use it immediately without even reading the instructions. I like to use the software to help me take photos of friends and family and turn them into beaded artwork.

Awesome Program - A must have for beaders - Skip

I have been with BeadCreater since the beginning of development and am a charter member. This program is fun and easy to use. I have created beaded patterns that have been published in Beads&Buttons magazine. Have develped many patterns and designs that I have sold for profit because of this program. 

If you are a Windows user. This program will be a piece of cake for you. Purchase - Enjoy - Have fun.

BeadCreator Pro Review - Jan

This program does it all. They have a wonderful collection of images or you can scan and create from your on designs or photographs. It offers a wide variety of stitch options along with patterns for looms. The delica bead library is updated when necessary and you can change the bead variations to include a wide range of colors for your design or delete any colors you feel are not necessary. Bead Creator offers on-line tutorials or you can buy a software manual (which I did). I also became a life-time member which gives free upgrades for the life of the software. This option has already paid for itself. I am very pleased with this program and highly recommend it.

The Best Program Available!! - M. Jones

I have tried other programs and this program is by far the best. There are so many options available to you as a designer. Allows you to create simple or very complex designs. The support for the program is incredable! Has a option to help you design useing just the beads you have on hand, or lets you know what beads to need to order for a project. The colors are great if you are designing from a photo. you will have to do a little tweaking) I can not say enough good about this program. Another handy thing allows to to put your designs into a library. For those who want to sell their designs this is the way to go. Has by far the most options available and the creator listens to those who have the program as to what we need/want in the next version. You will not regret this purchase!!

Dreams Sometimes Come True - BeadCreator 6 Pro - Joseph

From both a personal and business point of view BeadCreator is pure excellence. BeadCreator exceeds my needs and expectations as I have tried many programs to recommend to my clients and utilize personally. The learning curve is very reasonable, the support team is friendly and has much patience. Installation is simple to follow and very automatically with no flaws. Images import from a variety of sources and conversion is quick. Legends are very detailed and explained in great detail. If your looking for this type of program, well, you can now STOP looking, you have found it. 

Great program for beginners to pros - Helen

I experimented with several different beading programs before settling on Bead Creator a few years back, and have been extremely happy with it. You can create very basic beading patterns in a variety of stitches, or you can create and edit very complex patterns from photos or pictures. Andrew and his team continue to improve the software, and listen to their customers when it comes to making changes and upgrades. There are also several helpful group forums with experienced users who can also offer hints and advice.

Best beading software, don't miss out - Kimberly

Wonderful product for all of your beading creativity! Make a large tapestry for your wall or something as small as a bracelet to adorn your arm, this software does it all. Start with a blank canvas, choose your style of stitch, YOU be the designer! Use a photograph of that special someone in your life and make a project from that, the possibilities are endless. I have also made graphs for color work knitting! Excellent customer service and a great online community -which is there for any questions you may have! Don't miss out on this great product!

Great for beginner or experience beader - Lynn

As a beginner loom beader, I looked everywhere, for a program to convert my ideas into projects. As soon as I saw Beadcreator I knew it was the program for me. I have been using Beadcreator 5 Business Edition for over a year and just upgraded to Beadcreator 6 Pro Plus. I just can't say enough about this new version. It is user frendly, and adaptable. The tech support is fast and easy to understand.The pallets are up to date and the color conversion is accurate. I know of no other program that does as much and is cost effective.

Wonderful software! - Kim in TX

I researched beading pattern software for quite awhile and came to realize this is the best software out there. Customer service is excellent. The software is a little hard to understand in the beginning but the learning curve is fast. I orginally bought this software for beading but have since discovered I can use it for my tapestry crochet patterns. It would also be great for knitting and other patterns. It is very versitile.

Great software - Dana

I love this software and could not be without it for beading. There are so many functions that provide you exactly what you need to create and bead your own patterns or tons of stock patterns. I love it because you can adjust the level of colors with the touch of a button and see the impact to your pattern. Must have for any beader!

I Love It - Elizabeth

This program is great. i use it to make patterns for earrings and other stuff. i can use pictures or my imagination. get it you will love it. the support is great too.

BeadCreator 6 - It's a 5-Star Program - Jake in CT

I have been using BeadCreator since the 2nd version. The 6th version is awesome. You can inventory your beads, prevent non-inventory beads from being used in a pattern. It accepts downloaded images and the ease of creating a custom design is great. I use it for loom projects, where the width is generally greater than a typical bracelet. I am currently working on my third design since I got this version. This software manufacturer listens to the requests of its users and had made changes along the way to make it easier and to respond to those requests.

A must for all beaders - A user in Ontario

I have had the beadcreator for yrs...I am still using an older version but am seriously thinking about updating as it has come in so handy when making designs....the people that make this product are the best if you have any issues and the support is the best.

The BEST beading software - Donna

I have used Bead Creator for several years. My primary use is making portraits of dogs and kids, flowers, and custom loomed jewelry. Bead Creator makes it very easy to take my art, scan it, and drop it into the program for a fast and accurate pattern like the one I am working at the moment with 450 individual colors. There is no way to hand chart a picture like this, Bead Creator has allowed me to be a much better bead artist. 

I sampled several other products when I was ready to buy, none of which came close to Bead Creator and Bead Creator has continued to improve over the time I've owned it. 

Dependable and Flexible Design Tool - Treehouse Studio

I use BeadCreator Pro to produce bead patterns for classes and my own projects because it is easy to use, highly flexible in the types of input, and produces patterns as color and word charts to satisfy different types of people. The software lets me specify and control the sizes of beads, I can limit the number and types of finishes and colors to keep the cost down, or go all in and turn the software loose for photo realism. The work grid can be resized for cross-stitch, embroidery, mosaic tiles, and I am still finding new uses for it. This software is well written by someone who understands the world of craft and design.

Awesome software! - Bonnie in PA

I have been using the BeadCreator software for about 5 years now. I have designed over 200 patterns for beaded banners using the software. I sell the patterns on my website and have sold hundreds of patterns. My customers love the patterns when they receive them by email in pdf format with a cover page, the pattern, and a bead count page. The software makes all this so easy. You will not be unhappy if you order this super product!

Long Time User review - Julie

I have been using Bead Creator Pro for over three years now. Before buying Bead Creator Pro, I spent a few years researching different pattern creators and found that Bead Creator Pro and the support staff were heads above all the other software programs.

This software allowed me to not only create unique tapestry patterns from my artwork and photography, but make a living selling the patterns. I have over 450 patterns and several long-time customers that I do custom work for.

I find the software easy to use, although it does have a bit of a learning curve if you have no software experience. It is easy to modify the patterns and to set them up to the size and bead count that you wish. The software will assist you in making color changes by showing you the color you want to change allowing you to pinpoint specific beads and sections of your pattern.

The software is robust and feature-rich which allows you to easily move from loom patterns to peyote patterns with a click of the mouse. It also comes with delica color charts allowing for easy inventory and ordering of supplies.

I use my software full-time and it is a significant source of immediate income for me.

Creativity - Filly

I'm amazed at how much more creativity I've got using this program. It's easy to use and has made beading fun.

Allows creativity with ease - Designs by MTJ, FL

BeadCreator 6 Pro is one of the best softwares I've purchased in a long, long time. I am an avid beader. I do loom work, bead weaving and many other techniques with beads. For the loom and bead weaving, this is the product I would highly recommend to other beaders. What I like about it is that I can design my own image, upload it to the BeadCreator software, and it automatically converts it to a pattern of my choice - whether it's loom, brick stitch, peyote, so forth. This automated conversion has allowed me to do countless projects without taking the time to manually manipulate a pattern. Plus, creating your own images is the best! Or, you can use countless images provided through BeadCreator software. In addition, it gives you a full palette of colors in Delicas with the number of beads per color you'll need to make the pattern. No guessing! I've used the BeadCreator software from it's inception and love each and every version of it.

BCP is GREAT!! - Eljay

I could not live and bead without this software. I use it all the time, and I have found that with time you learn all the ins and outs. You need to spend time, trying all the different things, and working with the software. I design large tapistries for looming and so far so good. This is worth the money, and no bead designer should be without it.

Excellent Beading Software - Ramona

I have had this software for several years. I have tried others, but I always come back to Bead Creator as no other can compare. From the support staff to the forums and online community, I can always find the answers to any questions I come up with. You can create a bead pattern in several different stitches in a matter of minutes. Complex or simple, from a picture or one bead at a time, creating patterns is a simple task. The patterns can be printed up in just the color chart form or in Word format or both and look very professional. You can't go wrong with this software.